Epic of Divinity Light

Epic of Divinity Light

Immortal arts, magic weapons, magical powers, and the boundless spiritual qi between heaven and earth vanished into obscurity overnight, and all exorcists turned to mere mortals. Three hundred years later, the Five Hus traversed the pass, it was a prelude to an era of great turmoil in China. They heralded the end of the world, where thousands of drought fiends stalked the night —— the collapse of the Divine Land is imminent. Fortunately, within this long, dark night where silence had fallen on all magic, a lone star still glistened brightly on the horizon. The Heart Lamp appeared, illuminating the vast expanse around it. A sixteen-year-old young man, who will end his life on his twentieth birthday, embarked on a journey to reclaim the spiritual qi of heaven and earth that had been sealed away —— only four years remain. The road ahead was filled with countless thistles and thorns, and it seemed improbable for him to succeed.

Other names: Dinghai Fusheng Lu
Status: Airing
Studio: Shanghai Foch Film,TV Culture Investment
Scores: 6.74 / 9.99
Country: China
Episode: 8 / 12
Duration: 20 min
Date release: 2021-07-15
Date aired: 2021-07-15 - 2021-12-16

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